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An Account

of the Original of the Earth And of All the General CHANGES which it hath already undergone, or is to undergo, till the CONSUMATION of all Things. Parts I and III
I. Concerning the DELUGE
III. The Burning of the WORLD

a narrative performance drawing
Project to expand the ongoing narrative into time based conversation. To draw histories across the walls, ceiling and floor while sharing oral accounts.

Exhibition spaces are contemporary sacred spaces, caves for artists to draw upon, to imbue walls with power, beauty, and narrative. It is about the capacity inherent in the process of drawing to produce narrative.

This week long narrative drawing performance with sustained dialectical conversation consumes the walls, ceiling and floor with artwork. The room is aligned to Earth’s cardinal directions with the ceiling as the Arctic Circle.

The narratives are built upon autobiographical roots of disasters both environmental and personal. The flood rises from dysphoria, fear and anger but through drawing can be controlled and alleviated. The discourse with viewers as I draw is expansive, dialectical, passionate, and meaningful.

In the center of Antartica (the floor) sits a lawnboat coated in slate paint for viewers to draw upon with chalk their own journeys.

Hawaii Lawn research

Research sponsored by the Lawnboat Historical Society to document exceptional examples of unrestricted sidewalks and shaved grass areas.

An exhibition of photographs on aluminum with accompanying text and illustrations. Approximately 100 photographs on aluminum covering the at least one wall.

Artwork specific to Hawaii’s lawn histories. Tour of important lawn sites would be optional.

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Lawnboat in LawN

Build scalable lawnboats in park settings out of compost detritus as community and school project over the course of at least 12 months. Various options are possible for boundaries including grasses in bulbous waves, edging of boat in stone or mounded dirt covered in grasses, top of hull covered in wide leafed grasses, herbs, flowers, or shaved lawn grass.

Progress of Lawnboat in Lawn as September 22 2019, Moulin Nauze Refuge, Dordogne France

Trees act as masts.

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 EPSON MFP image

The UFO Show

Irrationality in the 21rst Century
An exhibition devoted to Ries Faison’s work on flying sauces and other UFOs.

Includes performance and film of suburban flying saucers and lawns.

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Why the Panama Canal was BuilT

The political and economic importance of lawns, or the importance of lawns on politics. Film, models, illustrations and artwork explain the reason, process and the deluge of the filling of the canal.

The Volcano Paintings

Y73.5 Before and After S.jpg

Moments before and After inktense crayon, white charcoal & watercolor on paper 22.5 x 62 in 57 x 157 cm 2018
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The drownings

Art on water and flood, and a film on drownings.